Tuesday 24 May 2011

Just a Thought 1.0

"Corruption is an essential component in the modern economy!"

Thursday 19 May 2011

The Pearl White Honda Accord Euro/TSX CU2

Well HELLO again strangers!

Im back again from the silence! and here are some picture updates of what i purchased in replacement of the SUbaru! :):)

 and a little bit of DOOF DOOF set up in the boot

Took a year to get all these put together and it finally paid off...mighty happy with how it turned out

Apologies for the absence for the past 1 year. Been terribly busy and really didnt have much time spent at home to blog at all. Nothing much changed apart from a few kgs of fats added to the waistline. lol

Hope all is good with you guys. here are some pictures of a quick flashback of what happened in the past year.

As you can see....Nothing happened at all in the whole 1 year...same old stuff...LOL

need to start using the camera again

actually....its a little late but let us all remember those who got affected by all the disaster that happened in the past year and may those who lost their lives rest in peace and those who are suffering the aftermath have a normal life again real soon.

I will try and keep this blog updated more frequently now. I PROMISE!

Thursday 6 May 2010

FML!...sorry for the lack of updates

hello hello...hello AGAIN~...i think i need to type hello a few hundred times to payback for the super lack of updates. anyways..im over the defect from the cop incident...so im not gonna put any posts with regards to that. UNLESS my anger and rage decides to surface again!

Winter is here...Melbourne is getting real cold the last couple of weeks. You can see the temperature dropping by the day...the rain, and constant overcast has helped chilled the ground from the amount of heat soaked up over summer. Cold wind is blowing in as well...so welcome to the official descend of mercury levels. I have a feeling it is going to be cold this year...REAL COLD!

So whats with global warming? We are entering a new ice age people. ICE AGE!
buy your winter clothing while it is still cheap now! lol...ok i have nothing to back up the last sentence..just ignore it.

so whats new?
the new new new story is......

The subaru, my baby, is now GONE!!....i don't own it anymore..it is GONE!..i mean...she is gone!
Traded her in for a new car which i will unveil real soon. <----im doing this deliberately so people will still keep coming back to this blog. :P

a hint ...:

This is it....a little foreplay for you guys...lol....

Reason for this change:
  • Car was too small for parents to sit behind
  • Cops were after my back!!..EVERY WEEK!!..including the defect that i collected for NO REASON AT ALL!.
  • Almost touching 100,000kms...a number which i don't really like seeing on the odometer.
A farewell picture. Both cars were sold in the same week. :(

hmmm...nth much has been going on lately. Was really really busy removing bits and pieces from the old car. Spent the whole Anzac long weekend removing the audio gear, wheels, discs, and many other stuff which were put in the last 4 years. A rather sad occassion seeing the car go but ...have to let her go to get the new one.

I dedicate this post to the White Subie which has served me well in the last 4 years. Taking me everywhere safe and sound. Neva gave up on me. And bringing me joy and happiness.
Hope she finds a good home soon.

And also, half dedication to the new car for now. Will have a full post on the new one with a small review on it as well.

Tuesday 13 April 2010

Just for fun~ :D:D

"Trust is like a mirror. You can fix it if it's broken, but you can still see the crack in that motherfucking reflection."


Hello all.....a very big big sorry for the superbly long delay in update...been busy busy busy busyy like a dog....

my baby, work, parents were here, car, friends, all contributed to the absence of Quanzilities...

so so so...what da hell did i do the past month???? hmmm....PLENTY...so much that i forgot alot of them..haha...

ok firstly, just to report a very outdated story...Melbourne was hit by the worse hailstorm in a long long time....lemme show you some pictures: (this was what i experienced first hand)

And....a very unfortunate friend of mine, you know who you are, she and her sister and another housemate had their cars written off from the hail:

ahhh....but they have moved on now...and bought better more powerful than previous cars muahahaha

ok NEXT:

addition of new mountain bike people:


uhm..........i actually have alot more to write but its 12:15a.m. now... = bed time

hmm....lets have a small preview of what might be on the next post:

lets look at the yellow thing closer:

seriously...u know what? FUCK THE POLICE! u will know why i am saying this when i finally get a chance to tell the story...I used to have some degree of respect to police in Victoria...until that very fucking night.... that very cop that put this sticker on my windscreen! u gave a bad name to the force behind you..SHAME ON YOU! you deserve nothing but insults and degradation! ASS HOLE! just stay tuned...i have a feeling the next post will be full of rage! 18-PG! mahai!~

ok~ good night everyone! long long weekend ahead! LONG!!!!! WEEKEND!!!

Monday 1 March 2010

Haiti - We Are The World Foundation

Hi guys...this post came probably a little late...i was meant to put it up but i totally forgot about it...in wake of the disaster that happened in Haiti, the artists has gathered to remake the song We Are The World recently...here it is:

Although I've heard this song repeatedly, it still touches me everytime i watch it for some reason. We can all make a small contribution to these victims of natural disaster.

Here's the site.

We Are The World Foundation

thanks guys.

Just for fun